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Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats

Diabetacare-True Elements


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Health Benefits

  • Beneficial for the heart
  • A better choice for diabetic patients

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True Elements Gluten Free Steel cut Oats are the less processed and healthier sibling of quick oats. This comparatively unprocessed products is prepared by slicing Oat groats into pieces with a sharp blade and removing the inedible husk. Also called as Irish Oats, they are not rolled into flakes and are similar to old fashion oats. True Elements Oats are handpicked to ensure esteem quality. The oats retain its grainy properties and have a slightly chewy yet robust texture similar to wholesome brown rice. Even after cooking, the perfect crunch and rough texture are maintained. They are not soupy and boring as quick oats, on the contrary, are nutty with a unique crunch. Similar to other Oats, these oats also have a humble origin. They were the staple food of Ireland and Scandinavian country and now have achieved the status of most cherished health food. For the cereal experts who are already a follower of normal rolled oats, steel-cut Oats full of natural goodness with nutty flavour are worth relishing! It can be enjoyed by people with gluten sensitivity including celiac diseases. It is a breakfast loved by children owing to its crunchy flavour. It is also beneficial for the weight watchers and gym goers.

Health Benefits

  • Beneficial for the heart
  • A better choice for diabetic patients


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